Missionary Care


With as many as 5,000 missionaries leaving the field every year for preventable reasons,  New Song Missionary Care is able to provide the tools needed to help reduce that attrition rate.

As A Lodging Place  moves to Larnaca, Cyprus in March 2019, the focus of ministry will be more for providing a place of rest, spiritual retreats, days apart with the Lord and counseling.  Debriefing will mostly be held at retreats with other missionaries, rather than a personal debriefing.  Details about dates for a debriefing retreat in Cyprus will follow…

Missionary Services:

  • Pre-field, on field and re-entry assessments, counseling and debriefing
  • Debriefing using the five day Le Rucher Debriefing Model
  • Coaching through the Cerny Smith Cross-Cultural Assessment (CSA)
  • Intensive counseling sessions or weekly counseling in person near Larnaca, Cyprus or via Skype

Appointments can be made to address areas of need including the following:

  • Pre-field, on field and furlough assessments for missionaries
  • Debriefing mission field experiences
  • Counseling issues
  • Stress/burnout
  • Transition/re-entry
  • Grief/Loss/Trauma
  • Connecting with God

Residential Debriefing:

  • A Lodging Place,  is moving to Larnaca, Cyprus in March 2019.  I will let you know when I have a new place. Rather than having personal debriefs, we will focus more on debriefing retreats hopefully at least once a year.  The fees for that may be different from what is listed below.  I will update things as they unfold.
    •     Individual adult – $600
    •     Couple – $700
    •     Family – $800

    If the above fees in any way hinder you from applying for a debrief, please let us know. We don’t want finances to be a hindrance. Consideration will be given in special circumstances.

Dr. Richardson is available to travel to the field in times of need to meet with missionaries. These services have a fee according to what is needed and how many days are required.  Please contact us to inquire more about this.

A Lodging Place

Living room and Kitchen

Living Room/Kitchen

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Master Bedroom

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Children’s Bedroom