Beverly has passion that matches her gifting to help missionaries on and off the field to thrive and not just survive. She’s given us encouragement in the areas of our strengths and helped us to see and shore up our areas of weakness. She is a wealth of resources and tools that have helped us to navigate the many challenges that face any cross-cultural worker. We are grateful for Beverly’s extensive training, years of experience, prayer counseling, wisdom, discernment, and her ability to speak the truth in love. Our family has greatly benefited by pre-field counseling, debriefing and check-up evaluations. We highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to run the race with excellence and perseverance. K. in Russia

After meeting with a couple for a three day intensive, the wife said, “If this had been the only thing that we returned to the states for, it would have been worth the trip.” K. in Bolivia

After a Theophostic session this missionary said: “In my time of soaking prayer, God began to show me images of my earlier life, and showed me that He has and always will be by my side. I continually heard Him assure me that I am chosen by Him for this time of my life that I’m in. It was sweet to hear God tell me in my mind how much He cares for me and how much He loves me, and how I need to look to Him for my affirmation, not my wife, not my job, not my family in the US; not my education, not my employers, not my parents, not my closest accountability friends. I came home excited about what God showed me at this conference. S. in India

Dr. Richardson has always been the resource person who helped me deal with the struggles of living in Kazakhstan and Iraq. She never failed to counsel, encourage and pray through emails and personal contacts on and off the field. Beverly has lived the life of a missionary, so she knows the valleys missionaries experience cross-culturally. Not only is she responsive when I need her most, she never lets a lot of time pass without reaching out and checking on me. I lean on her because her wisdom and spiritual encouragement has never failed me. She cares for even my physical health needs as she comes alongside to better prepare, equip and care for me. She has truly been a gift from God to me as she has been there for me. She is always understanding and there to “keep me sane and on track” with my walk with the Lord. K. Iraq