Missionary Care

Missionary Care, or what is now called Member Care, is a vital ministry to those serving overseas. Member Care involves providing services such as counseling, debriefing, coaching, personal spiritual retreats, places of rest and whatever the need is. The goal of Member Care is to keep the missionary on the mission field as they become healthier spiritual, physically and emotionally.

A Lodging Place Spain is available to provide the following services to missionaries:

Counseling Le Rucher Debriefing

Coaching – Cerny Smith Cross-Cultural Assessment

A Place of Rest Personal Spiritual Retreats

Psychological First Aid for those who work with Refugees

The Terrace View from A Lodging Place Spain
Community Swimming Pool
Guest Bedroom in A Lodging Place Spain

Welcome to New Song Christian Counseling and Missionary Care

New Song Christian Counseling and Missionary Care is a three-fold ministry providing Christian Counseling, Missionary Care to equip the saints so they can fulfill their calling to the fullest and Spiritual Formation to bring transformation into the lives of believers.

The lack of true discipleship among believers has the Church looking no different than the world with dysfunctional families, high divorce rates, interpersonal conflicts, sexual abuse, people with low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness, to name a few. Jesus intended for us to live a victorious eternal life, beginning here on earth. New Song Christian Counseling and Missionary Care provide the tools for the believer to enjoy this victorious life here on earth.

Allow us to come alongside you by offering our support so you may become more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission to “go into all the world.”